books in Behrens Library

… if you'd like to donate a book or two …

First up: we are grateful!

Second: here are some things to keep in mind about donating:

  • our range is limited. It does not include children’s books (which are held elsewhere, please check with Lenore) or general-interest trade books, which are a good donation for the Chestnut Street Bookies shelves, now conveniently located right outside the library. Chestnut Street Bookies items are re-sold ($1 a book) to folks at UUCL for the benefit of the church. Books deemed to fall outside our range will be handed on to the Chestnut Street Bookies, unless a book is in very poor condition, in which case it may be recycled.
  • the focus of our collection is books (although we do have a few other items), and, among books, those that have a straightforward connection with our denomination, our denominational history and its principles and sources, our congregational history and contributions by lay leaders and ministers, or the several ministries of the church (Green Sanctuary, Open Table, Racial Justice and Healing, Justice with Mercy, Artful Living, Web and Wheel, etc.). Some groups at UUCL maintain their own collections outside of Behrens, and some groups have their own collections and also have shelves in Behrens. We do have limited shelf space but will always give preference to work that our collection focuses on. If your group has a collection that you would like to move into Behrens, please contact Emily.
  • your Borrower Bee is not clairvoyant. If you believe that a book you wish to donate is of special interest for, or has been requested by, a particular ministry at UUCL, please include a note saying where you believe the book ought to go. Our shelves are arranged in broad categories, with signs. If you would like to start a new category, please indicate what the category should be called and why we need it.
  • we do not practice age-ism. We welcome donations of both used and new books, and we do not give preference to new books or reject old ones. But: if you have a newer edition of an oldie but goodie, we welcome it, and if you are thinking of donating an oldie, please do make it a goodie, appropriate to our collection and in very good or better condition.
  • If you choose to make your donation anonymously, please remember that your Bee will not be able to contact you with questions about your donation. If you find your anonymously donated book on the for-sale shelves, please do not leave an anonymous complaint about your donation having been underappreciated. We understand that the books you donate have been precious to you, or at least interesting, and of course you want to find them suitable new homes. The best new home is not always at the Behrens Library.

And, finally: THANK YOU!